028 JGF, Blackfish in the Long Island Sound

Blackfish in the Long Island Sound, JGF Tales and Reports Podcast Episode 028

Long Island Sound
1st week of October Patti & I went to Bronx New York to visit kids and grand kids. During our stay we enjoyed a week of outdoors which included camping and hiking the Catskills mountains, world class zoo, picking apples at an apple orchard and a day of fishin on the Long Island Sound. Captain Rich Tenreiro guided 3 fourth year med students (including my son in law) of Einstein University and myself on a fantastic day of blackfish fishing the Long Island Sound.

These blackfish are bottom fish creatures that can be very illusive and difficult to catch. They like to hang around structures and reefs and when hooked will try and take your line into the rocks to break off. Capt Rich and first mate Natalie Roseberry worked very hard to put us on the meat. Winds and tidel currents were strong in the morning and made it difficult to anchor in very specific locations in the LI Sound.  Using a 2 anchor technique they were able to hold the boat in such away to maximize our ablilities to hook some nice blackfish for the dinner table that night. www.rgfishing.com

Captain Rich also hosts a TV Show the Northeast Angler where he gives great angling tips for fishing the Northeast. We had a great time with Captain Rich and appreciate his time and efforts in making a memorable experience for us all!

Fishing the Long Island Sound, by JustGoFishin.com

(Spencer Mangum, Dave Alexander, David Badger, Roroy Sandberg)

Packery Channel
The Packery Channel Jetty is really comin on this fall with some great catches of redfish and spanish mackerel. We stopped by to take a few snapshots and talk with some of the anglers about their day.

Fabian Rios Redfish Catches at Packery Channel

Fabian caught these nice redfish on cut mullet at the Packery Channel.

Debbie Ballard Redfish catch at the Packery Channel, by JustGoFishin

Debbie Ballards 25 inch redfish caught at the Packery Channel.

Ernest Politte spanish mackerel catches at the Packery Channel by JustGoFishin

Ernest Pollite caught a few nice spanish macherel at the Packery Channel

Chad nice Speckled Trout at the Packery Channel, by JustGoFishin

Chad Lenock’s nice Speckled Trout Catch at the Packery Channel. Below is a special cart his dad made for fishing piers and jetty’s.

Chad's fishing cart for piers and jetty's, by JustGoFishin

Facebook Fish Facts and Fables
Facebook Fishin Facts & FablesTHis week we asked: Whats your favorite way to fish? Bait Fishing, Artificial Lures, Flies, Other?

We received comments from several Fans including Daniel Linares, Rene Martinez, Val Kells, and Charles Garza.

Responses to these questions can be found on this weeks JGF podcast & our JustGoFishin Fan Page.

We would appreciate any feedback, comments or questions you may have about our podcast or about fishin.

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Y’all have a great day of fishin,
Dave Alexander


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